Overview of Legal Services

Karen Kruse Law, PLLC offers a wide range of legal services grounded in employment and labor law. KKL's core services include:

Strategic Employment Law Counseling

Strategic Employment Law Counseling Strategic employment solutions aimed at maximizing legal compliance and minimizing legal risk. Read More

Workplace Compliance

KKL offers employers a wide range of compliance assistance. Read More

Employment Policies and Procedures

Policy and procedure development services, from initial engagement to final termination, and beyond. Read More

Employee Handbook Creation or Review

Employee handbooks designed to foster positive employee relations while enhancing legal compliance and lessening legal risk. Read More

Privileged Audits of Employer Workplace Law Compliance

Proactive workplace compliance audits that are protected by attorney‑client privilege. Read More

Washington State and Local Employment Laws

Compliance packages to help employers abide by applicable Washington State and local employment statutes, ordinances and regulations. Read More

Training Services

Training your managers, supervisors, HR and other employees on important employment law topics and related employer policies. Read More

Outside Investigation Services

KKL can provide outside investigation services, when an employer concludes that an employee issue merits engaging an objective investigator. Read More

Employment & Labor Litigation

Employment and labor law litigation or advocacy, from simple matters to complex. Read More

Other Matters

Karen is open to considering other matters that are consistent with her expertise, but that don't qualify as core "employment and labor law." For example, the Washington Law Against Discrimination — a statute Karen has worked with for decades — extends beyond the employment context and prohibits discrimination in "places of public resort, accommodation, or amusement," as well as in the insurance, credit and real estate contexts. Karen has handled some public accommodation matters under Washington and federal law, and KKL can provide this type of assistance in appropriate cases.

For more information on how the firm may be of service to you, please contact KKL. We look forward to speaking with you.