Strategic Employment Law Counseling

Strategic Employment Law Counseling

When workplace issues arise, Karen Kruse Law teams with its clients on developing strategic solutions to promote legal compliance and reduce legal risk. The firm also provides preventative advice aimed at avoiding disputes over, or violations of, employment laws. Obtaining situation‑specific legal advice or preventive services can be an excellent investment in risk management.

Decades of employment litigation experience have taught Seattle-based attorney Karen Kruse the importance of her preventative services in helping workplaces function smoothly and lawfully, without the significant risks, costs and disruptions of employee claims. KKL encourages its clients to reach out when an issue first arises, so that we can help you address that issue before it escalates into something more serious.

KKL advises employers with employees throughout Washington State concerning federal, state and local workplace laws, ordinances and regulations.

Problem‑Solving for Emerging Workplace Issues

Every workplace encounters people problems from time to time. A critical employee needs time off to recover from a disabling illness or injury — how can the employer comply with reasonable accommodation legal requirements and applicable leave laws, yet still run its business? Another employee has an uncorrected performance problem — can this be addressed without giving rise to viable claims of harassment, discrimination or retaliation? Employee misconduct or dishonesty is discovered — what are the employer's next steps? And so on....

KKL can help with a broad array of workplace issues, including performance reviews, corrective actions or performance improvement plans, transition or last‑chance agreements, termination communications, and separation agreements.

When issues arise in your workplace that potentially may become legal claims, KKL can offer custom‑tailored advice to help you respond to the situation, strategically and appropriately. Karen is skilled at helping employers investigate and analyze the facts, develop their options, spot potential pitfalls, and assess the legal and other issues posed. Working together, it's often possible to design an action plan that helps keep the parties out of court.

For More Information

Whether you are an employer facing a challenging employee issue, or an employee who wants legal advice about a workplace matter, please contact Karen Kruse Law to learn what assistance might be available to you.