Workplace Compliance

Karen Kruse Law offers several forms of employer compliance assistance. The firm helps create or adapt employment related documents and procedures to promote legal compliance, reduce risk, protect employer interests, and cultivate good employee relations. Among the most important and prevalent of these are employee handbooks, which should be carefully designed to convey the organization’s unique culture yet avoid the numerous employer pitfalls.

Where systemic compliance concerns exist, KKL can assist an employer by auditing its compliance with relevant workplace laws under the confidentiality of attorney‑client privilege.

KKL also has developed proprietary packages of specialized compliance materials, designed to help employers fulfill the increasingly‑demanding obligations imposed by Washington State and local employment laws.

For more information on KKL’s compliance assistance services, please see the discussions below. Or feel free to contact us directly about your particular needs.

Employment Policies and Procedures

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Employee Handbook Creation or Review

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Privileged Audits of Employer Workplace Law Compliance

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Washington State and Local Employment Laws

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