Privileged Audits of Employer Workplace Law Compliance

Privileged Audits of Employer Workplace Law Compliance

Karen Kruse Law believes in proactively identifying and resolving potential workplace law compliance issues before they ripen into individual or class action claims. Like any well‑oiled machine, a business's HR infrastructure requires periodic tune-ups.

As an element of our comprehensive employment law counseling practice, KKL conducts compliance audits to support the firm's legal advice to our client. As such, the audit communications are covered by important confidentiality protections: attorney‑client privilege and the attorney work product protection.

The scope of each audit varies with the client's objectives. Are you doing due diligence in the process of buying another business? If so, you probably would like to evaluate whether the business you're buying has been complying with the key applicable workplace laws. In contrast, if you are simply drilling down on a specific issue that's recently been prominent for your organization — such as worker classification or a harassment‑free workplace — then you likely want a more limited audit focusing on that subject matter.

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Regardless of your reason for considering a workplace law compliance audit, KKL would be happy to discuss your needs and objectives to develop a proposal that addresses your particular situation.

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