Employee Handbook Creation or Review

Employee Handbook Creation or Review

Because employee handbooks cover a wide variety of topics, they implicate many employment and labor laws, regulations, and court or agency rulings. These include the doctrine of "employment at will"; the laws against discrimination, harassment and retaliation; the National Labor Relations Act; wage‑hour laws and regulations; and paid and unpaid leave requirements, like the FMLA and Washington's state and local leave requirements.

Whether you are adopting your first employee handbook, revising a previous handbook, or developing a new or updated policy on a particular topic, KKL can help you strike an appropriate balance among the goals of fostering positive employee relations while enhancing legal compliance and minimizing legal risk. KKL maintains a collection of generic policies addressing topics essential for an employee handbook, as well as optional topics that employers commonly include. The firm leverages such internal resources to help its employer clients create new employee handbooks from scratch, or to conduct compliance reviews of existing handbooks, or to suggest or review a proposed employer policy on an additional topic.

Whatever the handbook or policy review task, KKL collaborates with our client to produce an employee‑facing document that covers the client's desired content in language that reflects its workplace culture. KKL's generic examples are merely a starting point that promote efficiency, not "one size fits all" solutions.

Often employee handbook creation or review can be handled on a flat‑fee basis once the scope of the handbook project is defined.

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Karen Kruse Law's employee handbook services comprehensively cover federal law as well as the ever‑changing landscape of Washington State and local employment laws. For more information, please contact KKL.

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